Endeavour SEAM

SEAM Investment Criteria

Geography   Companies headquartered in the Western United States
Investment Purpose   Acquisition Capital
Growth Capital
Buyouts / Recapitalizations / Refinancings
Liquidity to Existing Shareholders
Employee Stock Ownership Programs
Company Profile   Revenues of $50 to $350 million
EBITDA of $5 to $25 million
Proven historical earnings and positive free cash flow
Experienced management teams
Strong and defensible market position
Investment Size   $5 to $25 million. Additionally, we will agent larger investments by co-investing with our limited partners or other mezzanine providers.
Industries   Broad range including light manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses. Industries outside of our investment parameters include real estate, project finance, start ups, or emerging technology companies.
Structure   Creative and customer driven long term financing solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.
Interest   Reflective of current market conditions and risk return characteristics of the investment. Return components typically include a fixed interest rate which may include PIK (Payment-In-Kind) interest in conjunction with the cash interest, as well as an non-control equity component like a warrant, tied to the underlying performance of our client.
Governance   As a junior capital partner we typically seek board observation rights where appropriate, but do not seek operating control of a company. Our goal is to align our financial incentives with those of the management team and owner.
Referrals   We welcome investment ideas and introductions either directly to companies or their advisors. Referrals will be handled in confidence and discretion. Fee arrangements will be protected and honored.